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Simplify the work with help of XenCALL Predictive Dialer
A predictive dialer is nothing but outbound calling system that helps to dial from telephone number. When compared to robodialers, the predictive dialer call number will automatically help agents to screen signals, voice mails, disconnected numbers and also no-answers calls. But the predictive dialers are quite different from automatic diallers with their ability to check the call metrics. The dialers can predict the features as soon as they dial multiple numbers at the same time. The original aim for making these kind of dialers that it is easy to call the right number at right time. As a final, it is easy to ensure the agent utilization. The history walks in for the predictive dialers is around 30 years. Moreover, the dialers can get the best hardware solutions and also offer separate software based on the cloud technology. Suck kind of the cloud-based is XenCALL Predictive Dialler
The XenCALL is nothing a cloud-based call center solution for a company with different size. The features of the predictive dialer include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, scheduling, auto dialing, call center scripting, and performance analytics. The dialer has the best feature to blend the channels with unrestricted inbound and out-bound calling. Not only the company can record the calls, but it can even select the ring configuration in a different manner. They can even distribute the calls to separate agents. To have more enhancements, the XenCALL has built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
1. What will be the cost of XenCALL Predictive Dialer?
The cost depends on the license level of the dialer
2. What is XenCALL?
A complete cloud-based predictive dialer best suited for call centers, and telemarketers.
3. Does all the business fit XenCALL Predictive Dialer?
Most of the time, they fit all type of business. Whether they are small, medium level, or high level, they fit in an easy manner. Moreover, they have platforms like Desktop, mobile, and also in the Cloud.
4. What are the features of XenCALL?
Important features of dialer are a blended call center, call recording, call center, outbound call center, and Inbound call center
5. Does XenCALL have a voice call with interaction facility?
Yes, the dialer has the feature as same as the oridinary predictive model
• Lower overhead
• Increase Productivity
• Has built-in CRM and third-party integration
• Automatic Speed Controls
• Have live Scripts to use
• Inability to drop supporting mails
• Do not have multi-touch outreach tool
• Lagging of system due to less number of agent systems
As a conclusion, XenCALL Predictive Dialer is the one has the best feature in building up the calls. One can easily get into the level of third-party verification and it is easy for the people for direct server-to-server connection. It is easy to connect with TrustedTPV and also with VoiceLog Verification Systems. It is easy for the clients to refer to any business, contact centers, telemarketing departments. The XenCALL Dialer also helps a business company to receive credits in a direct manner. It is a peak time to stop the action other high-cost lawsuits by going with the best performance. Another thing, it is better to integrate with XenCALL and have ultimate safe protection for your source.


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