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Email software is used for sending, creating, organizing and receiving email. There are many email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird which offer advanced features for managing email. Sometimes they also include WYSIWYG editors for composing email messages, advanced search capabilities, anti-phishing and anti-spam security protection and rules and filters for efficiently handling and organizing messages and email folders.

A significant number of online email services, known as webmail, usually exist with features and functionality for managing email similar to their desktop email software counterparts. Some of the most popular online email services are Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail (Windows Live Mail) and AOL Mail.

Benefits of using Email Marketing Software:

1. Automation:

If you want to send thousands of mail at one time, it will become time-consuming. Email marketing software will help you make the remaining procedure making it automated. From sorting out recipients into a group to a generation of feedback, once the mail is rafted nicely.

2. Monetization of customer complaints:

Once, the customer complaint is received, it automatically gets added to your contact list, & till the customer gets satsfied, it generates email campaign with additional sales.

3. Reaching miles without being costly:

It gives an opportunity to reach out to the targeted audiences in such an effective rates. Once you expand your customer list with a supportive white paper or deal, results into increasing of ROI (Return of Investment) of email marketing software & decrement in the cost.

4. ROI Measurements:

It supports accountabality, as in the matrices for the campaign can be calculated as the rate after opening, click-through rate & so on.

5. Association & Loyalty:

Email marketing software helps in making a bond with your customer, as you directly communicate with your customer. The benefits are you can easily send, various product details that may tempt customer to purchase making you profit indirectly. Also, the customer can spread these emails to their relatives & known people making you market reach much strong & keeping the fair loyalty to your older customers.

What is Email Marketing?

As the word suggests, email marketing includes the use of emails to promote a product or a service. But its reach is far wider than what these simple words suggest. Probably one of the most prevalent and common forms email marketing is the spam mails we receive every day. The process is very simple, a person or a company buys or creates an email list and keeps sending out barrage of emails. These can be related to upcoming offer or a new item / service etc. However, it remains a crude form of marketing from which most of the reputed organizations are shying away from.

As spam mails are losing popularity, a new form of email marketing has emerged. In this type of marketing, the mails are personalized according to each and every customer. We are already experiencing the power of data. Through data mining, each and every customer can have updates from a company according to their needs and demands.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

-Email marketing has become an important aspect of advertising ever since the introduction of the Internet. It is a type of direct marketing that uses email to advertise to an audience. Email marketing is basically, sending emails to improve the relations with an existing customer in order to repeat business or to convince them to purchase a product immediately. It is also send emails in order to acquire new customers or adding advertisements to emails sent by other companies to their customers.

-Email marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. It does not matter if you do it by yourself or with the help of an advertising company, it is one of the cheapest means by which a company can reach out to multiple customers as compared to the other methods of advertising. It also has a better success rate because the target customer is reached out to directly as compared to other marketing strategies. Email marketing has better measurability as various analytics help to track a response which makes it very easy to figure out which parts of the campaign are working and which are not. Thereby making it easier to modify the campaign according to the company’s needs.

-There are several ways in order to increase the success rate of an email marketing campaign. The overall design of the email should be personalized according to the customer’s preferences as a lot of customers prefer text while others may prefer HTML. The emails should be sent at a time when the customer is more likely to be working on their laptop. It can also be tested what time works better for your email. Similarly, the time that emails are sent can be specific days, months or the time of the year as well.

-The emails should be sent to the relevant target audiences in order to improve the response rate. Also, customers are more likely to respond if they are given an incentive in return for their participation.

-The email header should consist of attributes that appeal to your customer and rule out the attributes that the customers consider as spam. This can be done by frequently testing the campaign. The emails should also consist of direct links to the landing page rather than the home page so that the customers know exactly what they need to do.

-Companies cannot just rely on one method of marketing. Therefore, email marketing can be used in integration with other methods of marketing. Hence, the emails should carry the same images and message as the other methods of advertisements.

As with every method of marketing, email marketing also has its own disadvantages. These could be rejection and spam by the customers which affects the sales negatively.

However, email marketing has several advantages over traditional marketing because:

● The exact return on the investment can be measured and changes can be made accordingly to get the highest return possible.
● Most people using the internet check the emails on a regular basis.
● The advertisements can be personalized and customized according to the various types of customers and their respective needs.
● They allow the company to respond to important consumer events like purchases made or dropouts.
Hence, email marketing is an important component of marketing for a company if used appropriately and helps to boost the relationship between the customer and the company.

How to Do Email Marketing

Steps that can be followed by Email Marketing are;

1. Establishments of Goals:

Email marketing is one of its Kinds that will help you reach out to your audiences. Before starting with email marketing, you must think about what actually you need to promote. There are campaign monitor customer examples of how they use it for promotion are;


The main key success element of UNICEF is donations, they use marketing software to reach out there, make them educated with aid projects launched by them.

-SOHO House:

It is the social club for hangouts of celebrities & media icons around the world. They use email marketing to keep their customers up-to-date on upcoming events & gatherings. They keep their customers engaged by making them utilize their facilities.


This entertaining website uses a various newsletter, those are uploaded to sites with different links containing stories. The technique they use for email marketing is to increase traffic.
To achieve your marketing goals, you must think what key element you want to go with email marketing, to achieve high performance, & focused approach.

2. Building Email List:

After finding out your goal that can be used in email marketing, it’s time to build your contact list. If you do not have an email address of the customer you know, then you have to search it from the scratch. The formula one can use is addition of valuable incentives & utilizing simple subscription opportunities can result in larger email list. The steps that can be followed;

-importing list of known contacts
-The building of new scratch
-taking care of header & slider.

3. Selecting an appropriate campaign which you wish to send:

Different types of Marketing campaign you can use are listed below;

1. Marketing Offer:

You can offer a great discount over any product to make customers buy those, also you can showcase latest stock into your campaign that can turn head of customers to buy them.

2. Newsletter:

If you wish to be in touch with the list of people in your list, the newspaper is the best option as it contains advertisements which are sent on monthly basis, keeping your list of people engaged & making your profit

3. Event Invitation:

This type of campaign helps to reach out to your customers to make them aware of latest & upcoming events, which help to encourage them to attend it, achieving your goal of promotion.

4. Creating The first campaign:

Once the decision is taken of what email software is going to be utilized, it is important to build your email. Email tools like campaign monitor makes it easy to build a pretty good email marketing campaign. The aspects which need to be taken care while creating an email marketing campaign are;

-Keeping structure of your campaign focused but simple
-Ensure that your campaign is relevant to every consumer
-Your campaign must build trust in subscriber
-It must be easy to convert

5. Measuring your final Outcomes:

You can easily track your success of email marketing campaign by using tools like Website analytics tool & email marketing tool.

Following above mentioned steps can ease your task of marketing campaign & can help to grab subscriber’s attention to your products marketing campaign.


1. Make a connection with your targeted target:

Email marketing helps to be in touch with your audience on regular basis, ensuring that your products, services get to them whenever needed.

2. Increasing your creditability:

The perfect email marketing campaign helps you to gain a trust of your customers & also makes it was easier to promote your products & services.

3. Attraction through new opportunities:

Email campaign can help you get new opportunities like joint ventures, media interviews, partnerships, etc.

4. Organizing your industry knowledge:

A series of articles or newsletter can be launched stating your approach used in email marketing campaign.

5. Reaching to the wider audience:

You can share your article on article marketing websites & gain an exposure to your audiences. It is also the main part of email marketing campaign.

Throughout the years’ email marketing, particularly our email bulletin and our email follow up groupings has been a great degree effective type of showcasing for born Creative and for our customers. Truth is told, each time after conveying an email bulletin, our new task request increment and past customers connect with new projects.

Email marketing began in 2009 and helped specialists in an industry and expert pioneers to individuals from gathering of people and gaining their trust. It has helped us set up validity and trust with our supporters, fabricate new connections, and open ways to new open doors.

Email marketing is an important and economical route for entrepreneurs to advance brand awareness. It enables them to connect with past clients, introduce themselves to future ones and furnish individuals with extraordinary offers. Email marketing additionally gives a chance to manufacture a strong association with a client. There are things you must and must not do while cooperating with individuals through email. It’s essential to send individuals messages that are important to them, and extraordinary care must be taken to prevent spamming. Making and keeping up strong email records will assist you with these objectives. Remembering these things can enable you to make email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing campaign is the easy way to grab the attention of quality customers by sending out different strategically advertisements, with the help of which you can easily promote your products. Marketing gives you the proper way out to launch your product & gaining popularity achieving the marketing goals more effectively.

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