Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies in India of 2019

In today’s era of globalization, each and everything needs to be tech-friendly and well-connected. Likewise, if you want to develop your business, it is mandatory to digitize it. The present generation tends to be more connected to the virtual digital world than the real world. Hence the only way to attract a wide range of audience and grow in popularity is to introduce your work with the outside world.

Work like web hosting gains serious recognition only when it can keep parity with the digital world to target a wide range of spectators. Like every other work, competition is also prevalent here in order to become the best web hosting company

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What is web hosting?

In the simplest way, what is web hosting can be defined as the process which makes people access one’s website without the presence of any agitation.

Web hosting does the work of making one’s website reachable to peoples through the internet. Beside this, there are some web hosting companies which provide facilities relevant to creation, marketing, affiliates etc.

$12.3 billion is the approximate market size of the present global hosting market. Moreover, this scale is expected to grow at a rate to 26% with consequent years.

Best Web Hosting in India

How to pick out the most efficient web hosting supplier?

To run a website successfully without any hindrance the initial step is to get you an efficient web host. To choose a web host indiscriminately is a tough job as there are many best companies in the market offering the same potentiality.

In this kind of situations go for analysis between the selected webs hosting company and choose the one which satisfies your need more in comparison to others.

For your rescue here come some of the necessary criteria which you help you out to make your decision and will get you your ideal web host.

  • Price: money is one of the essential points to be kept in mind while selecting one. The web hosting companies offer a different range of packages which may range from thousands to dollars and varies from one company to other. Firstly chalk out the ones which you can afford. Moreover, do compare the features provided by different web hosting companies in the same range.

  • Usability: the usability of the service you are getting is a subject of concern. Bandwidth, storage etc are some of the features that vary so, you should check whether you need that service or not. The main things that should be included in the service are Plesk, panel, ISP configuration etc. These features are must for the ones with a new website as they will help to set up and host your website.

  • Focusing areas: web hosting companies differ in the offering programs and every program does not go correctly with all customers. At first, you should have your area of focus and based on that you should choose your web host. Do go through the expertise areas of each company before opting.

  • Support to customers: the company should show dedication towards their customers. They should be available all time to clear the queries arising in the mind of the web developer. If no such service available then you are only left with the option of fixing it by yourself. So it is necessary to know how to contact them and about their service centres and customer cares.

  • Scalability: this proved to be an important parameter while considering a web host. It is necessary to think that they ‘do’ or ‘do not’ fits properly into your future plans. Reliability of the company is needed so it is necessary to find out that the company which seems perfect today will be scalable a few years from now or not. So consideration about today’s implementation and its effect on the future era is important.

So it is of utmost importance to put the responsibility of your website on efficient hands. The list best-known web hosting companies are not limited but the one which makes your website work effectively is the one you should go for. So select the best web hosting company for your website to enjoy the high growth rate.

How to rank the best web hosting companies in India?

Which company is best for providing web hosting services in India is tough to determine but picking the best is necessary. Here come some of the criteria which are thought to be considered for proper evaluation of the top 10 best web hosting companies in India and to rank them accordingly.

  • Popularity: this comes from the satisfaction of the people and not associated with any brand name. In order to get sure about the web hosting sites popularity, we have examined the sites based on hoe frequently is has been used.

  • Reputation in their field: reviews play a vital role here. We came across the reviews of individuals as their feedback tells a lot about the companies work.

  • Speed and optimization: in order to get honest reviews in web hosting we created an exclusive site for testing and verifying their work. Moreover, we have an examination hosting website for the public too. This helps to check the receptiveness of the web hosting company when it comes to checking the modern blogs.

  • Uptime and dependability: nothing can be 100% ideal and web hosting companies are not an exception to this. Moreover, the ones with 4 stars or even more can be considered as one of the best web hosting in India. They have attained the height when it comes to uptime.

  • Ascribes: sometimes web hosting companies hosting plans are loaded with features that are not at all necessary instead some advancement will be appreciated. The specific most recent features are offered by some companies which definitely leads the race.

  • Support to customers: this is one of the difficult areas to examine fairly due to the frequency variation of high-quality support from previous assistance to the next.

Your help is highly appreciable in this regard. So kindly share your valuable experience with us to help us get honest reviews on the company best hosting in India.

Beside these there are some additional services to look forward while selecting the best web hosting company and security comes first in this. Don’t get so overwhelmed by the features that you ignore the safety issues. Firewalls, daily backups, and user authentication are some of the most essential things the best web hosting companies should provide.

The best web hosting companies known to provide the finest work provides some advanced modified features. Below are some of the additional features they provide in order to remain the best.

  • They provide with both PHP 5 and MySQL 5 as a data source for assisting PHP/MySQL

  • They offer extensive support for Microsoft Frontpage

  • They support web-mail in addition to multiple POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts

  • Accessibility to unbounded use of FTP along with multiple FTP accounts

  • They provide support against website viruses, spam and other unnecessary website statistics

  • Access to 24*7 technological support from experts via email or by phone

  • Give network uptime warranty of up to 99.9%

  • Warranty of money back of at least 1 month.

Some Factors To Consider When Choosing A Reliable Web Hosting Company

Are you getting prepared to move your site to an innovative host, or need to launch a brand-new site?

Selecting a web host can be a complicated process, mainly for the reason that there are so many concerns offering free or cheap hosting.

When you are looking for Best Web Hosting Providers in India, there’re a lot of aspects to keep in attention, and you’ll often see that a paid host is ample more beneficial in the extensive run.

Why is a Good Web Hosting Vital?

If you are starting a business online otherwise online asset, there’re some upfront expenses which you must make – hosting is one of them.

That said there is one area where it is worth spending some money: hosting.

Your hosting is the basis for your complete business. If the hosting goes down, your whole business goes down. If it is too slow, people will look somewhere else. If it does not have the features you need, you will get frustrated and stressed.

Due to all of these reasons, it is usually worth spending some time certainly figured out which hosting package is exact for you.

By looking the special features, you can get the Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers in India

How to Avoid Difficulties with the Best Web Host

Here are some tips which will help business owners to select the exact web host; avoiding faults that can make big problems later.

1. Recognize What Type of Web Host You Want

You may never get the Best Web Hosting Providers in India without knowing what you want. Therefore, before you go any more – put the whole thing aside and ponder what you really want.

  • What type of website are you creating?

  • Do you want Windows applications?

  • Do you need anything common?

  • Do you want support for an exact script?

  • How big (or small) may your web traffic capacity go?

  • Does the website need different software?
Those are some of the elementary questions you need to respond for yourself.

2. Select the Accurate Hosting Package

Several small businesses go to shared hosting as a mode to save money, nevertheless with the minor price tag comes a higher risk of slow site response times. Slow sites let customers away. A choice like the Virtual Private Server is slightly classier, but it provides a quicker, higher quality web presentation and delivers a better client experience.

3. Read Web Hosting Analyses

Refer to trustworthy websites while doing research on the consistency and repute of web hosts. Studying a web hosting company over third party reviews is really beneficial in discovering any dependable issues or persistent grievances from current otherwise past users.

Pay consideration to how the concern responds to grievances, if the company replies at all. It will provide you an idea of just how the concern deals with unhappy clients.

4. Get the Exact Amount of Bandwidth

Whereas most new sites do not use lots of bandwidths, this is vital to leave room for development. Make definite the web hosting company you select does not lock you into the certain amount bandwidth also then charge you extra fees if you want to revise the hosting plan later.

5. Do not Get Stuck on Price

While you are a new business proprietor with the limited budget, the web hosting provider offering the lowermost price might be really tempting.

The inexpensive price might just result in constant downtime, poor customer service, sluggish servers, also an association with several of unprofessional sites which you would be uncomfortable to share through your grandmother.

6. Go through the Terms of Service

No, actually. Go through the Terms of Service. Do not just skim over them. Read them. Maximum people take the Terms of Service without troubling to read precisely what they are signing. Don’t do this. This Term of Service Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers in India usually contains the refund policy that might be well to know later.

7. Test Client Support

While you are researching Best Web Hosting Providers in India, always seek a way to contact client support. Can you get a quick and relaxed way to contact the hosting provider via online chat, email, otherwise 24/7 phone support? Yes?

Then test them. Be definite to test every feature before you buying their services to see the uncertainty they meet the requirements of your company.

8. Recognize the Backup Plan

It does not really matter why the website is down otherwise why you’ve lost your site’s data. You require to recognize if the web hosting provider you select has a backup plan to aid you to recover in case. Enquire them. If you are not comfortable through the answer, you recognize what you require to do.

9. Ask Regarding Security Features

Make certain the Best Web Hosting Providers in India can provide Secure Sockets Layer to protect your client’s private information. It is an important feature in providing clients with safe transactions also it must be a feature that is provided by the best web hosting company.

10. Evade the New Guy Who Cannot Handle Growth

Several times new companies provide low prices hoping they will make up aimed at it with a huge influx of customers. However, maximum new hosting companies aren’t equipped to effectively manage that several clients at once.

It is finest to stick among the Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers in India that can deal with development without compromising their customers’ experience.

11. Control Panel as well as User Interface

Not everybody is tech savvy also the last thing you need is to be continuously contacting client support so as to do the least slight thing. You must be able to simply install WordPress, arrange your email as well as the FTP accounts.

You must be able to effortlessly update and adjust your site deprived of having to take the bottle of aspirin also block out many hours of your time. The Best Web Hosting Providers in India use cPanel or Plesk to prepare to update and to adjust your site easy.

12. Email Features

What email specification does your company offer? Do they offer spam safety? Is your website and email addressing otherwise address protected as of viruses as well as malware? Those are important problems to consider. You must ask those questions of your possible provider in order to get the answers.

13. Uptime Scores, Server Reliability Also Security

Weak server’s also unstable network connections can sometimes push your site offline. It not only rejects your possible viewership otherwise sales aimed at an e-commerce store but also turns to low positions on search engines like Yahoo and Google.

Avoid such companies that report a yearly uptime score lower than 99 percent.


Web hosting company is the basis in which your site will live upon therefore, it is vital that you choose the right one from Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers in India for your business.

The uncertainty you need to make definite that you have got the greatest experience with the hosting company, make definite you consider the above-stated factors are outlined before signing up. Best Web Hosting Providers in India can give you the perfect hosting solution as per your need.
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