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By accessing BigOfficer, you are obligated to admit all terms and conditions of the website including all applicable laws such as intellectual property rights, global regulations and local cyber acts. If you do not agree with these terms, then you should not try to access this site.

In addition, all the graphical stuff and written material are also protected under the law of trademark and copyright. So, it is illicit to copy anything from our website. In the case of any violation, BigOfficer has a right to file a legal complaint.


BigOfficer delivered “as possible” and “as is” reviews of a variety of software to its readers, but BigOfficer doesn’t make any warranty. Thus, BigOfficer disclaims all expressed and implied warranties, including without restriction, conditions of profitability, compliance of intellectual property or other violation of rights. Moreover, BigOfficer.com is not giving assurance of the reliability of material presented by the website that means you are liable in the case of the vulnerability of using our service.

Revisions and Errata

BigOfficer is an online platform to read unbiased reviews of software companies, and it could have typographical, graphical or even technical inaccuracies. By the same token, we don’t claim an error-free service so in the case of any misconception or incorrectness you can’t proceed with any legal action. However, it is being committed by the website that it will try to fix any kind of mistake or error as soon as it is possible. Over time, reviews would also be updated according to various transformations in the services and features of companies.

Spam Activity

The Internet has overloaded with spammers, but BigOfficer has a strict strategy to handle such fraudulent activities. In any case, BigOfficer finds promotional content in its commenting section or sees any targeted activity against any reviewed company; the website will permanently ban the user. Likewise, the site would not tolerate with the users who will try to insert offensive content, virus or suspicious links in our website. Similarly, we should not respond to any email that has no serious issue to discuss with us.


Diverse sponsored or helping links could be added by BigOfficer, but users would open it at their own risk. BigOfficer is not responsible for the credibility of any link available on this website.


BigOfficer is free to run third-party ads to earn its bread and butter. However, we are not accountable for the authenticity of any advertisement. Users can believe in the loyalty of such ads on their knowledge.


BigOfficer has the right to modify these terms of service anytime without sending any notice to users of the website. Similarly, the implementation of any new local or international law can also force us to make some changes in our terms of service.

If you have any problem regarding our TOS or if you want to ask any question regarding our terms of service then write us at contact@bigofficer.com. Your queries should be addressed as soon as possible.

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