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When speaking of siteground, it is something rare that most of you do not know. Although it is rare, yet it is a hidden treasure that excels in the web hosting industry. The company has a real commitment to uniqueness, especially in shared hosting, is making it reach the top position among the hosting providers. Well, this should further be looked at keenly by the small businesses. In spite of having some minor flaws, siteground still outshines some its rival companies by its exquisite features.

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About Siteground

This organization was started long back in the year 2004 by a handful of university students. Previously, these friends began working right from their university dormitory. Now, the company has their own establishment with more than 400 employees. Each day, the company gets access to more than 1500 tickets, more than 1000 phone calls and 3000+ chats. Isn’t that enough to speak of the reputation of the company?

Currently, the siteground hosts more than 1,700,000 domains. Well, this number is on a ladder that only goes up! The headquarters of the siteground is in Bulgaria. However, there are two more offices of it – one in Madrid and the other in Spain.

All the website of siteground promotes various kinds of hosting. Besides just web hosting and WordPress, siteground also offers cloud and VPS plans in a dedicated manner. Its domains are not like any other hosts. It differs in the factor that the siteground makes sure all its plans are packed up with some or the other features.

So far, it is really good. But what is that one thing that siteground marvels in? Well, it is their superb customer service. You can ask any customer. Surely they will speak well about siteground. And if can manage to get hold of an experienced customer, you can knock it off!

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Siteground Features

In shared hosting, you really have a neck to neck battle. This is because every good hosts aims at seeking attention. All of them join the rat race of popularity. This is one of main sectors in which siteground has done a brilliant job. In fact, it is in this particular factor that makes siteground different from others.

Here are the reasons for why you should choose siteground:

  • If you are looking for a guide for your bandwidth, you can get ample of them. Also, the space in the disk too is limited.
  • If you can afford to pay more, there are chances that you will not be hindered by your neighbors.
  • The self-help that siteground provides is good enough.
  • Siteground has the power to handle speed issues from all angles.

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Siteground Pricing

SPECIAL PRICE$3.95/mo Regular $11.95/mo
One Website
10GB Web Space
Suitable for 10,000 Visits Monthly
All Other Essential Features
SPECIAL PRICE$5.95/mo Regular $19.95/mo
Multiple Websites
20GB Web Space
Suitable for 25,000 Visits Monthly
All Other Essential Features
Premium Features
SPECIAL PRICE$11.95/mo Regular $34.95/mo
Multiple Websites
30GB Web Space
All Other Essential Features
Premium Features
Geeky Advanced Features
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Pros and Cons

Siteground is good at a lot of things. Rather, it is immensely useful. Every aspect has both positive and negative points. When getting a review, along with the positives, the negatives too should be kept in mind.

8 Total Score
Siteground User Rating

  • Has a downtime that is non-existent
  • Carries speed like lightening
  • Offers brilliant customer service
  • Provides a tight security
  • Features Wordpress integration
  • Is a great option for e-stores
  • Has a small storage
  • Commits annually only when paid more
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Siteground FAQ

What is is a web hosting company offering a varied number of hosting services. This is inclusive of dedicated hosting, cloud and shared hosting. The company has its roots in Bulgaria. However, there are datacenters in Amsterdam, Chicago and London.

Can a datacenter location be chosen?

Of course. There are datacenters in Singapore, Amsterdam, London and Chicago that siteground constantly makes use of. Once you have signed up for a dedicated hosting or cloud or shared hosting, you have the option to choose your continent where your server is located.

Is there any facility for money back?

The siteground promises and guarantees you money back. But there are certain terms and conditions for it. The money is returned back only if you cancel your service within the first 30 days. The total money will be refunded. However, this facility is not included in dedicated or cloud hosting. Also, there are certain barriers in case of reseller plans. If you have to claim for the money to be refunded, you have to make a request through the user area.

What kind of payment methods do siteground accept?

Siteground accepts payments in two methods – one is the VISA and the other is the MasterCard. Make sure that you clear all your payments within a time period of 2 – 3 years of service. But, if you want to make a longer contract, you can choose for a trial period.

Does siteground backup my website?

Your websites have 30 copies stored in siteground. Generally, these backups can be done manually. So, you can go to the cPanel and do it yourself. Also, at cPanel, manual backups can also be created.

Is free site migration offered in siteground?

Definitely. Siteground will migrate those websites for free when they are existent and does not take any downtime. This is inclusive of WordPress.
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In this detailed review about siteground, spotlight has been thrown on all major schemes of the web hosting company. Besides, there are more subtle nooks and corners of siteground that can make you go dumb. If you wish to know those, click here.
Regarding pricing, you need not worry much. It is reasonable. Their service is not only much ahead of time, but has the fastest speeds even. Plus, they are superb in WordPress! Accessing them is possible all 24 x 7. All you need to do is to first decide and make up your mind regarding what you need. Then, just talk to the siteground people.


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