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  • Web:
  • Phone(India): +91-80-66655771 | 1-800-266-2208
  • Phone(United States): +1-800-872-1727
  • Founded Year: 1972
  • Founders: 5 former IBM employees
  • SAP Full Form: Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing

The SAP is a famous software company, and you must have known about its features, but SAP CRM is a worthy addition regarding customer relationship management. Let’s find and evaluate all of the elements, drawbacks and benefits of this CRM under the title of SAP CRM Review.


Businesses always required customer relationship management services for better growth and maintenance of the business. SAP CRM offers the solution for the small and large companies to get customer relationship management services through the software system by SAP. SAP CRM Company provides the facilities for building better relationships with present and future customers of the company. It includes software that automates the integration and activities of the business to keep interaction with the customers.

Likewise, SAP CRM believes that keeping interaction with the customers is not an easy task for the companies. That’s why it offers the automated services for better user experience and manages all the functions with the automated management system. SAP CRM puts the effort for the ease of customers and building a better system for the customers, and the initiative of the company helps them retaining their customers.

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SAP CRM Features

The Unique Features of SAP CRM are shown below.

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Desktop Integration to sync Email, Calendar, and contacts with CRM system
  • Product & Price List management
  • Marketing Automation with Email Marketing, Campaign management, lead management, etc.
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Reporting & Analytics for providing better Business Insights
  • Social Network Integration & Social Collaboration features

The above are the exclusive features of the company, and these are the services that made the company leading CRM services provider in the whole World. It provides the facilities for excellent results to the customers with the experienced team and useful tools.

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What is the benefit of Internationalization Feature on SAP CRM?

Internationalization features enable the user to view and transact business with content in multiple languages and currencies for spreading the business all across the World in different countries and territories.

How the Forecasting feature of SAP CRM works?

Forecasting feature enables the projection of sales and revenue based on historical sales data and analysis of the market through different methods, i.e. survey and trends, etc.
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SAP CRM Pros & Cons

7.5 Total Score
Sap CRM User Rating

  • High level of Customization for Flexible Platform
  • Excellent Utilized Features
  • Excellent Security Features for Safety
  • Immediate Help Support
  • Good Integration with 3rd Party Software
  • Difficult to use interface
  • Week Reporting or Mobile Capabilities
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SAP CRM User Complaints

Everyday users’ complaints that are obtained by the SAP CRM are about the week user interface. The users complained that the icons are not intuitive. The problems of the users can be solved by providing a better user interface and provide ease of use to customers.

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At last, the outcome of SAP CRM review proves it as one of the best leading customer-relationship management service providers due to its efforts for getting the satisfaction of the customers. The company became successful because it focused on the solution of customer’s problem for their comfort. The company provides marketing and sales automation for better user experience and provides analytics of the businesses to ensure proper business insights to show the performance to the users.


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