Privacy Policy

The privacy policy defines a legal agreement that how a website is going to use the personal data of users. The reason to summarize the privacy policy of BigOfficer is to explain to the people that how & why BigOfficer collects, maintains and handles the users’ information.

Under the laws of different countries especially by following “The General Data Protection Regulation” enforced by EU, BigOfficer is announcing its Privacy Policy with you.

How We Collect Information

BigOfficer collects the information of the users through subscription of Email letters, contact us page of the website and gets the data of the visitors through their feedback via comments. The site also conducts online surveys and interviews to obtain the response from the users, and that is also a source of data collection.

In the same order, the BigOfficer also enables the cookies to track the use of the website, and it is also useful for the users to reach the website in lesser time. The data collection helps the site to find the spam users and restrict them to stay away from the website.

How We Use Accumulated Data

The gathered information is being used in the following ways by BigOfficer.

Customer Contact Information – The contact information of the user can be useful for the BigOfficer to contact the user if required, and it contains the name, phone, email, etc.

Website Usage Information – Web Usage Information contains the cookies that help the BigOfficer to track the way you use the website.

Demographic Information – Demographic information contains the age, race, region, etc. that helps the website to know about the visitors’ interest in different technology trends accordingly to their age, gender and region.

Geographic Information – Geographic information is about the location of the users that helps the BigOfficer to track the densest area of the users that need the site’s services. It also enables the BigOffcier to provide more confined reviews of different companies of any specific region.

Your Consent

Everyone who opens our website gives us an authority to access and use his/her provided information. However, BigOfficer gives a complete assurance to its visitors that their data wouldn’t be misused in any case.

Children Data

It is openly clarified by the website that we don’t ask children (under 14) to submit their personal information at our site. It is recommended to children under 14 to use our website in the supervision of their guardians.


Our visitors are open to unsubscribe our newsletter or further updates.

Change in Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the BigOfficer can be updated at any time according to legal changes or the requirement of the platform to provide better services to our review readers.

BigOfficer is an online platform that always focuses on the provision of reliable information to the business community. The site never uses or hand-overs the users’ information for any harmful activity and take the responsibility of secrecy of users’ data. So, users can easily rely on using the services of BigOfficer and shouldn’t hesitate to share their personal experiences or opinions by commenting.

You are free to ask any question about our Privacy Policy. We would try to address your query as soon as it is possible.

Last Edited: December 14, 2018

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