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Beyond the shadow of a doubt, most of you have heard the name of Oracle. It provides different kinds of services, but maybe you are not aware of its CRM Services. Let’s find the exceptional features of Oracle CRM.

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About Oracle CRM

Customer Relationship Management was not as important in the past as it is now in the business world. In the past, it was only considered as relevant to sales and marketing of the businesses but now all the departments of small and large enterprises rely on customer’s data because of its importance to the companies is increasing day by day.

Oracle introduced the CRM related services for the growth and progress of customer’s businesses with exclusive features of its CRM software system. The company provides Sales automation to increase the lead sales of the company and also includes marketing automation for better user experience to the customers.

The users can integrate the connections with the customers through different channels. Oracle became successful to satisfy the customer with the excellent features of CRM software.

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Oracle CRM Features

Under the title of Oracle CRM Review, we are going to share exclusive features of the Oracle with you:

  • Social CRM for better User Experience
  • CRM Gadgets to provide Extra facilities to the Customers
  • Partner Relationship Management for the Businesses
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Self-Service and e-Billing (invoices, etc.)
  • Price Management for better Experience on Oracle CRM

The features of the company are entirely unique from other companies that make Oracle one of the most popular CRM Companies in the World. The user can be satisfied through these extraordinary features of Oracle CRM.

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Oracle CRM FAQ

Is Oracle CRM supports Linux and Mac devices?

Yes, the Oracle supports not only Windows and Android but also Linux, Mac, and iPhone/iPad to provide the features of Oracle CRM on different devices.

What is Oracle Sales CX in Oracle CRM?

Oracle CX Sales is used for sales automation for better sales of the company. It helps to increase the leading sales of the customer’s businesses through an automated software system.
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Oracle CRM Pros & Cons

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Oracle CRM User Rating

  • Excellent Speed & Security
  • Flexibility in Customization according to the User’s Requirement
  • Best Platform for Effective CRM Services
  • Best Forecasting using Opportunity Module in Oracle CRM
  • Efficient Bugs Resolution in Oracle CRM
  • Takes more time to run using more substantial Information or Multiple Files
  • Customization is Difficult to do with Java & HTML
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Oracle CRM Customer Complaints

A review cannot be completed without considering the users’ complaints of Oracle CRM. Users found some issues that can be solved easily through some improvements. Users faced problem in running larger or multiple files and took too much time. Customization is also not an easy task to do by using JAVA and HTML languages on Oracle CRM.

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The Oracle CRM review concludes that Oracle could be a good choice for any size of businesses to manage not only the sales and marketing of the company but also the customer’s data integration, etc.

Users can experience a lot of ease using the platform of Oracle CRM for best user experience. The effort of the team is behind the success of Oracle CRM and helps them to increase their brand equity.


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