About Us

What is BigOfficer?

BigOfficer is an online platform that aims to provide unbiased software reviews, technology trends and cost-efficient recommendations to educate businesses in their buying decisions.

The Story Behind BigOfficer

Like other web startups, BigOfficer also has an inspiring story behind its creation. In 2015, Sandhya, the creator of this web portal initiated to launch a business software discovery and reviewer website that would have the ability to cover all global and local software service providers.

Although it was a tough job to launch such a big and detailed reviewer platform, but the passion, consistent struggle and honest efforts of BigOfficer team and its creator made it happen.

Our Mission

“BigOfficer stresses to write and share the reviews that really help the individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses in making crystal clear decisions. We strive to grow our website as a globally acclaimed portal where the best software research ends.”

What We Cover?

BigOfficer has the vision to allow to read honest reviews about all genre of business-oriented software, but recently we are covering the following necessary business software.

Web Hosting: If you are looking to read a genuine review of any hosting provider but unable to find over the internet then BigOfficer is the right place where you will get it.

CRM Software: Customer relationship management is considered the real strength behind running a successful business these days but again, it is hard to decide which CRM software would be perfect for your business. BigOfficer is empowering the companies in the right selection of CRM software.

Accounting Software: BigOfficer is providing comprehensive reviews about accounting software of different companies.

In the same token, we are also trying to allow entrepreneurs or businesses to get an inclusive call centre and E-mail marketing software reviews on our website with great authenticity.

How Do We Work?

All the reviews and grading that is being provided by BigOfficer to different companies is not copied. To formulate credible appraisals, we assemble firsthand reports from actual users and then, we conduct detailed market research by using various research tools like surveys, interviews and face to face questions etc. to verify the truth behind opinions of end customers. We also allow users of our website to write us their personal experiences regarding different companies. On the contrary, we welcome the criticism, but we only consider it if critiques send their feedback to us on logical grounds.

How is BigOfficer Helping Businesses?

It is easy to find the reviews about big software companies, but when we talk about small or even medium companies, no wants to cover their specifications because of less scope of viewers’ interest. However, BigOfficer entered into online software discovery and analysis world as a game changer.

Yes, BigOfficer is not helping the small software enterprises by publishing their impartial and well-researched reviews to increase the sales, but it is also assisting the entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses by suggesting them right and suitable business software. In the same token, our blog section is another honest attempt to keep our viewers be updated with current technology trends and empower them to take the right decisions for their businesses.

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